Zeitgeist Pianist Position Available
Date: May 5, 2014

Position Available: Pianist

Job Summary: The new music group, Zeitgeist, is seeking a classically trained pianist with strong chamber music and improvisational skills to perform with our ensemble.

Responsibilities: Perform with Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist rehearses twice a week, presents 30-40 performances annually, performs a variety of educational and outreach services and tours roughly 4 weeks every year. Ensemble members also participate as needed in short and long term planning for Zeitgeistā€™s artistic activities.

Qualifications: Candidate must have strong new music skills, a passion for the music of our time, excellent chamber music skills, and must be an experienced improvisor. Must be a dynamic performer with ability to work well within an ensemble and audiences.

Reports To: Artistic Co-directors 

Compensation: Negotiable

To Apply: Send performance recording, letter, resume, and reference to Zeitgeist via email at heather@zeitgeistnewmusic.org. Call 651 755 1600 or email with questions.

Deadline: Zeitgeist will audition candidates in June through August of 2014. Position will be filled by September 1, 2014

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