Zeitgeist's Piano Fund
We have met our goal! Thank you for your support!

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase a beautiful Steinway B piano for Studio Z, and thanks to our listeners' support we have met our fund-raising goal! Previously, the piano available at Studio Z was on loan from a generous donor, and while we’ve been fortunate that a piano was available to us, the reality was that that would not always be the case. The piano could have been removed from our space at any time, quickly jeopardizing the amazing musical activity that takes place there. Purchasing our own Steinway B ensures that a quality piano will be available permanently to all of us who perform at Studio Z.

The piano we have purchased is a 1986 Steinway B with a black satin finish whose previous owner, Minneapolis piano teacher Diane Friberg, passed away recently. Diane took remarkable care of this piano, and her son decided to sell the instrument so that it could be played by people that loved music as much as she did. Because Studio Z can guarantee that this piano will be well-loved and enjoyed by performers and audience members, he worked with us to make the instrument affordable for us.

Of the $40,000 we needed, The Mardag Foundation provided the initial major donation, the City of St. Paul Cultural STAR program lent its support, and the Knight Foundation pledged a $12,000 matching grant. Thanks to the many generous donations from our friends, fellow artists, and fans, we have now raised the funds to match the Knight Foundation’s pledge and purchase the piano!

We truly appreciate your support in purchasing this beautiful Steinway B piano for our performance space. Thanks to your generosity, a quality piano will be available permanently to all who enjoy new music at Studio Z, and your contribution will sound on in Studio Z for years to come.

Thank you to our donors!

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Zeitgeist endeavors to recognize all of the individuals and organizations whose contributions make our work possible. If you notice your name is missing from this list, please contact us at heather[at]zeitgeistnewmusic.org and we will correct our omission.